Children and Church

We are a family of worshippers of all ages.                      We have a super area at the back of  St Marys  Church where young people and families can sit in comfy chairs and still feel included in the service. We are very used  the children walking  about exploring  the building.

Those who attend regularly are very used to having children around and value their presence greatly.

 We have a dedicated helper sitting with them to help you, so you can relax into the service. 

 We try to involve all ages in the service as much as possible encouraging them to pray, read, or act out a Bible story, or to play percussion instruments, just the same as others in the congregation. 

Most Sundays there is an activity to create or make something, or perhaps some colouring in, all connected with the gospel reading or the theme of our Footsteps story.

Celebrating all birthdays and anniversaries is a regular feature, do tell us if there is something special coming up so we can celebrate with you. 





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